Need Medical Care Urgently? Video Consultation Within Minutes, Doctor at Your Home in One Hour with Speedoc.

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by the team at Speedoc, May 28, 2020

Have an urgent medical need? Call Speedoc any time of the day because we are available 24/7!

Be it a cut or burn that needs care and dressing, sudden fever, food poisoning or your child developing a rash, Speedoc is here for all your urgent care needs. Get connected to a Speedoc doctor within minutes through a teleconsultation to get medical help or clarify doubts and concerns. After your teleconsultation, if the doctor determines that your condition requires a physical consultation with a doctor or nurse, our medical professionals will arrive at your home within 60 minutes. Alternatively, you could skip the teleconsultation and request for a house visit straightaway. 

When To Skip The Queue At A&E

Speedoc can help take care of a wide range of conditions at home, from allergic reactions, asthma episodes and cough and colds, to nosebleeds, strains and sprains, urinary tract infections and vertigo.

What treatment is offered?

Here are some of the treatments we provide right at home so you don’t have to visit a clinic or hospital.

For conditions such as a cough, flu, or viral infection, oral medication would usually suffice to treat your condition. However, for special cases, such as dehydration from sun exposure or diarrhoea and vomiting, it is important to replenish the fluids in your body as much as possible. While unnecessary for most cases, if you’re finding it hard to drink clear fluids for hydration, an IV drip would be the best solution to prevent further dehydration.

Close up of bandaged hand with IV drip

Who could benefit from this? 

If you have trouble finding transport, have fallen sick in the middle of the night, don’t have a 24-hour clinic near you, or simply prefer to have a doctor come to your home to save on the trouble of travelling to a clinic, Speedoc’s services are perfect for you. Our doctors and nurses are available 24/7 to tend to all your medical needs and will arrive within an hour of your request.

Speedoc doctor making a house visit

How do I differentiate when to visit a GP and when to go to the A&E?

Cannot decide whether to request a consultation with a Speedoc GP or go to the A&E? Here are some guidelines to help with that decision.

Infographic comparing when to visit a GP and when to visit the A&E

How much does it cost?

A house visit from a Speedoc doctor starts at $150, while teleconsultations are a flat rate of $20 nett. Any medicines, lab tests are charged additionally. The fees for getting treated at home for urgent medical needs are similar to if you were to be treated in a hospital, but there is more value in terms of comfort and convenience as we bring the hospital to the home.

To find out more about Speedoc and our services, you can make an appointment using our online system, download our app on the App Store or Google Play Store, or contact our hotline at +65 8180 8948.

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