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SME CEOs, Are You Really Taking Proper Care of Your Employees’ Health

We all know that health is always wealth. But when it comes to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the importance of ensuring the good health of everyone in the company can be amplified. Plus, in today’s wellness-focused society, it makes sense on...

December 2, 2019
SME CEOs, Are You Really Taking Proper Care of Your Employees’ Health
Jul 9, 2019

High Tech Vs High Touch: What Matters More in Healthcare?

The world is far from done with the digital revolution. Every day, there is news about how advanced technologies will disrupt and change our future in multiple aspects from work and leisure to the various fields of education, healthcare, transport and more. In...

Jun 11, 2019

54 Emails and 38 Phone Calls Later…

In my job, I've been asked to explain what Speedoc does many a time. Depending on who's asking, my answers run the gamut, ranging from explaining that house calls are our first line of business, to our aspiration of bringing hospital-level care to home. 54 emails and...

May 24, 2019

Dream Crazier with Speedoc

Like many of the nine million viewers who have watched Nike’s recent Dream Crazier video, we were very inspired by what we saw. The ad, which is voiced by American tennis champion Serena Williams, is empowering in so many ways - to women, to athletes and to anyone who...

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