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Affordable Hospital Level Care at home with Speedoc

What is Speedoc’s Subsidised Care Service? As part of Speedoc’s commitment - bringing hospital to home - home-bound elderly with chronic conditions or disabilities who require continuing or long term home-based medical care can now receive long-term personalised...

January 10, 2020
Affordable Hospital Level Care at home with Speedoc
Jan 16, 2020

House Call Doctors are Perfect for Expat Parents. Here is why.

Finding a good, trusted doctor for your child can be really difficult. It’s even harder when you’ve just moved to another country and are trying to get settled down. In fact, in an InterNations survey, 13% of expats expressed insufficient healthcare standards as one...

Jan 10, 2020


什么是Speedoc的受补贴居家医疗服务? 由于Speedoc向来致力于“将医院带进家中”,我们现今为患有慢性病或残疾且需要持续或长期居家医疗服务的老年人以价格合理且易于获得的方式推出了长期的个性化医疗服务。 Speedoc $1.10 *起的受补贴探访服务旨在支持政府为使长者在舒适而熟悉的家中达到良好的老化所作的努力。 对于那些在社区中难以获得服务的体弱长者,我们的目标是通过早期干预以避免产生住院的需要。 *取决于家庭支付能力的调查结果,受补贴探访服务的费用将降低至$ 1.10起。 为什么居家医疗服务更好?...

Dec 23, 2019

Seeing a Good Doctor Does Not Have to Cost a Bomb!

Most people will agree that getting ill is expensive. The cost of consultations, medicine and in some cases, hospitalisation, can certainly add up. According to Mercer Marsh Benefits' 2019 Medical Trends Around the World report, Singapore’s medical cost inflation is...

Dec 4, 2019

Convinced You’re a Healthy Man? Think Again.

For many men, health is synonymous with fitness. It is common to associate good health with going to the gym to lift weights and clock in sufficient cardiovascular exercise.  However, there is more to well-being than being physically fit. For instance, adhering...

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