Ambulance Booking

First ambulance booking app in Singapore!
Request a private ambulance for non-
emergency cases as effortlessly as you
would a private-hire car.

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Why it Matters?

Shorter Waiting Time

Wait time for private ambulance request can be shortened significantly to around 30 minutes.

Shorter Waiting Time

Fuss-free Ambulance booking service

Instead of calling over 20 operators individually or the 1777 hotline, tap the app to request for transport to healthcare institutions in Singapore; transport home after discharge or scheduled medical transport.

Fuss-free Ambulance booking service

Efficient support for non-emergency

Patients suffering from non-life threatening situations may also need to be treated in the hospital as soon as possible. Other patients may be bedridden, requiring them to be transported in a stretcher.

Efficient support for non-emergency

How to Request an Ambulance

24/7 private ambulances available to your preferred location


Request for an Ambulance via Our App

Tell us when and where you need an ambulance. We will take care of the rest.


Confirm Charges

Charges for booking an ambulance via the Speedoc app will range from S$120-S$170, depending on timing, location and day. Additional charges for services such as the use of oxygen therapy or stretchers will also be clearly listed in the app for users.


Ambulance Arrives at Your Doorstep

Call for a private ambulance for non-emergency cases as effortlessly as you would a private-hire car. It’s as simple as that.


Upfront & Transparent Pricing

Review fees displayed before you tap “Confirm Request” and pay easily in-app with your credit card or with cash during the visit.

Meet Our Ambulance Partner

Speedoc users can tap on Comfort’s fleet of 25 ambulances for transport to more than 100 healthcare institutions across Singapore, including hospitals, nursing homes and hospices.

Apply to become an Ambulance partner >

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