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by the team at Speedoc, January 10, 2020

What is Speedoc’s Subsidised Care Service?

As part of Speedoc’s commitment – bringing hospital to home – home-bound elderly with chronic conditions or disabilities who require continuing or long term home-based medical care can now receive long-term personalised attention in an affordable and accessible manner with our subsidised care service.

With consultation starting from $1.10*, Speedoc’s subsidised care service aims to support the government’s efforts in enabling seniors to age well in their homes where they are comfortable and familiar. For frail and home-bound elderly who have difficulty accessing services in the community, we aim to prevent hospitalisations through early intervention. 

*Reduced rates are offered based on household means testing.

Why are house-call medical visits better?

  • Easily schedule a doctor or nurse visit by Speedoc to your location through our hotline or app.
  • Avoid the hassle of travelling to the clinic or hospital and waiting in line.
  • Take the time you need to discuss health problems with a fully qualified doctor in the comfort of your own home.
  • Be treated at home where you or your loved one are the most comfortable and receive comprehensive care assessment by the doctor who will have a better understanding of your home environment. 

How to apply?

  • Call Speedoc or submit the patient’s personal particulars here
  • You will be notified if the patient has an existing means test result within 3 working days.
  • For patients with existing means test result, we will notify on the amount of subsidies the patient is eligible for our home medical visit.  
  • For patients who have not undergone the means testing, our doctor will have to make an initial visit, chargeable at the non-subsidised rate, where the patient will be assessed medically in order to kickstart the application for subsidised care.
  • Upon approval of the application, we will notify on the final amount of subsidies the patient is entitled to.
  • Start scheduling subsidised home visits up to twice a month (Mondays to Saturdays: 9 am – 6 pm.  Sunday, Public Holidays and after operational hours subject to doctor’s availability.)

What kind of services do we provide?

  • Comprehensive care assessment
  • Chronic medical conditions management
  • Uncomplicated acute/sub-acute medical conditions management
  • Specialists or Approved providers in other disciplines referrals
  • Transport arrangement to hospitals
  • Acute and chronic medicines prescription
  • Patient and caregiver education and management plan on medical conditions
  • Minor medical procedures performed in the home setting (i.e.: simple wound debridement and intra-articular injections etc.)

Health issues suitable for home medical visits:

For COPD Patients

  • Smoking cessation advice, prevention of chest infections, medication prescription and compliance tracking etc.

For Diabetes Patients

  • Check Hba1c levels, work with nurses on medication prescription and compliance tracking, education on infection prevention, prevention of hypo / hyperglycaemia etc.

For Stroke patients

  • Regular post-stroke medical care 

While some medications within a pre-approved list may be eligible for subsidies, Speedoc does not charge for the dispensing of medications unless with the explicit consent of the patient or family.

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