Ambulance Booking

On-demand private ambulance services in non-emergency cases

Transport to hospital
Transport home after discharge
Scheduled medical

What It Is

Patients can tap an app for on-demand private ambulance services in non-emergency cases, much like how one would call a private-hire car.

With the ambulance-hailing feature that is available via Speedoc app (Speedoc app is the first ambulance-booking app in Singapore!), users who need a private ambulance for non-emergency cases, don’t have to call over 20 operators individually or the 1777 hotline and wait for a long time, which can be as long as two hours, for an ambulance to be confirmed.

With request made via app, the wait time for a private ambulance can be shortened significantly to around 30 minutes. Users can request for private ambulances for transport to healthcare institutions in Singapore including hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices.

Pneumonia and serious skin infections are non-life threatening situations but patients suffering these conditions may need to be sent to a hospital as soon as possible for treatment. Other patients may be bedridden, requiring them to be transported in a stretcher.

Speedoc ambulance booking service includes

  • Transport to hospital
  • Transport home after discharge
  • Scheduled medical transport

How It Works

Charges for booking an ambulance via the Speedoc app will range from S$120-S$170, depending on timing, location and day. Additional charges for services such as the use of oxygen therapy or stretchers will also be clearly listed in the app for users.

Why It Matters

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) announced that it will stop dispatching ambulances for non-emergencies from April 1 onward, so as to better focus on life-threatening cases. According to SCDF’s latest statistics, non-emergency and false alarm calls made up 9.6% (17,954 calls) of all emergency medical service (EMS) calls in 2018. This means that on average, SCDF responded to around 50 non-emergency and false alarm calls each day.

With on-demand private ambulance services for non-emergency cases, more resources can be freed up for life-threatening cases.

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